Friday, August 28, 2009

Sand Dunes :p

This last weekend we went to the sand dunes for a quick trip. It was so so much fun!! I absolutely love the sand dunes and I am so excited that it is the season again. It was still a little hot, but it was worth it.

We unloaded the four wheelers and were riding for about 30 seconds when Cory's paddle tire went completely flat. We have had issues with his paddles ever since we got them. It was such a bummer, but at least we had an extra wheeler this time.

That night was so much fun. Not one person who came out in our group remembered that we'd need firewood that night. So Cory, Me, Jordan, Shawn, and Charlie all decided to go baja-ing out in the nearby sagebrush and find some firewood. It was a lot of fun, but I must say a little dangerous. We were going way off road. Well, Jordan fell right out of the side of the truck!!! It was so funny, but I don't know how funny he thought it was. Then we kept driving and found an entire tree that was completely dead, but still standing in the ground. Well Cory and Jordan thought that it would be THE BEST firewood. ( At this moment, along with the moment when Jordan fell out of the truck, I was kicking myself in the butt for not taking my camera along!!)
So, they decided the best way to knock the tree down was to ram the truck hitch into the tree- since "it was so dead, it should knock right over". So that's exactly what we did. Now take into consideration. Cory, Jordan, and myself were in the back of the truck standing against the cab. Well, running the truck into the tree just wasn't cutting it. So, Cory and Jordan proceeded to climb on the tree and start pulling. In their favor, they were actually making some progress. Well, the side that Jordan was pulling was just so dead that it decided to give completely down and Jordan went down with it. He fell about ten to fifteen feet to the ground. Again, we are all hysterical, it was seriously funny! It actually knocked Jordan out for a few seconds, and his back was killing him, but he turned out alright. :P It was quite the firewood expedition!!!
When we returned to camp they decided to build a teepee shaped firepit. This is Jordan dumping gas on the wood.
This is the resulting fire- it was really quite big. We had so much fun- can't wait til next trip!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Honey

Happy Birthday To You!!
Just want to wish my amazing husband a very happy birthday!! It's weird to me that he's now 23, but he says it's not to him. Crazy how time flies!!

Cory and I with our nephew, Dalton.

Cory with Treyson and Dalton
Cory and his dad trying to figure out the new part for his Raptor.
The pictures below are of Dalton. We had Strawberry Shortcake for his birthday- so so good. Well Dalton loved it, but didn't think that he needed to use his fork. He just dug right in! It was hilarious and he was a total mess. We thought it was so cute, even though I'm sure his mom didn't appreciate it ;-)