Thursday, October 27, 2011

Change Is Life....

Well I officially cried for the first time since all of these life changing events have taken place. It was the weirdest thing, I was just sitting with Tenley in the trailer reading a book and I just started crying, and couldn't stop- all day!! Someone would say something and bam!!! there came the tears again!! I even cried when the post office lady asked me how I was doing?!! Man, guess that's what happens when you are high stress for two weeks and then you are in the middle of no where all alone??

** I need to get this down to keep a record of everything- so if you get bored easily or don't want the whole story-you may want to stop reading here***

To explain the high stress part.... it was October 9th when Cory left for Las Vegas. He had just gotten the transfer call earlier that week, but he had to clear the hall in Las Vegas, so he headed to Vegas on a Sunday evening. He then cleared the hall and had to be in Ely, Nevada the following Monday morning. Ely and Vegas are about 300 miles apart from each other. Anyway, that monday, I went to Ely to see if we could find a place for our family to live while Cory was on the job. If that wasn't a big downer, I don't know what is.... Ely is not that nice of a place, and the only place for rent was pretty much a dive, and they wanted $850 not including utilities. Oh, let me back up, I had to quit my job. Cory and I decided that it would be better for us to all be together as a family, rather than have him be gone all the time and all by himself. So I quit my job at the credit union, which was super hard for me to do for many reasons. I LOVED my job, the people I worked with, just everything about it, I was pretty attached.

Anyway, back to moving. So, since we couldn't find anywhere to rent ( which ended up being a blessing in disguise ) we decided maybe we ought to start looking for a travel trailer to live in.... this is what most of the guys on the job do anyway.... or live in hotels. So we started looking. The following weekend Cory had to be in Tooele for school so I met him up there on Friday night and stayed in a hotel. While he was in school on Saturday morning, I looked all over Salt Lake for a travel trailer. When he got done with school, he came and met me, which was about 3:00 . We really were blessed. We found a super super nice used fifth wheel trailer at Motor Sportsland in Salt Lake, and got it!!

The next issue was our truck.... Cory's white Chevy was lifted too high to pull a fifth wheel- even after putting a lift on the trailer- Suprised?? Me either.... So we decided to put his truck on KSL and try to sell it. Cory's history with selling things on KSL is seriously ridiculously lucky!!! Well the truck sold within two days... and Cory had found a red Chevy that he liked that would work to pull a trailer. SO, we got the red Chevy....

Living Situation figured out in Ely ..... check

How to get living situation to Ely. ....... check

Oh wait, now we aren't going to Ely?? Cory found out that it would be closer for him in the long run to stay in a place called Alamo. This little town is about 200 miles south of Ely. It is SOOOO much warmer here, so that is super nice, but it is a very little town. Probably about the size of Spring City, but with a High School, Middle School, Elementary School, and very small credit union- that's about it. We are staying in the only RV park there, but it's a pretty nice place... for an RV park ... ha ha... this is where some other guys from the job are staying as well...

We decided to rent our house out to some good friends of ours- Mal and Kipp :) It is nice to know that our house is being taken care of while we are gone. It was really sad packing up all of our stuff and leaving it empty though :( We also sold our car!!! The new owner is so excited she can hardly stand herself- and that makes me very very very happy!!!!

Our lives have definitely changed a bit......

Anyway, we are now here in Alamo, as I said in my last post. There isn't much to do, but I'm learning. Yesterday was a pretty rough day for me, but today has been better, and that's all I can ask for. I'm trying to stay positive and take one day at a time. I do get to spend all the time in the world with my Tenley girl, and I really appreciate the roles of mother and wife that I get to fill a little better and a little more each day. I guess I now understand what my grandma meant when she said that we should be going with Cory... "He needs to come home to his family, a clean home, and a hot meal on the table!!" Love that lady soooo much!!! Tenley helps out by saying "tank you mommy" to almost everything I do.... couldn't be doing this without that little angel's smiling face!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Alamo Nevada

We are officially here!!! Wherever here may actually be!! Alamo,NVisin themiddle of no where for sure.... I guess we are not too far from Vegas but other than that it feels like the middle of no where. We just arrived on Saturday October 22, thanks to the help of my mom, dad and sister :-) Cory has been out here working for about three weeks now. We made the decision to come with him, which meant quitting my job, leaving home, and living in a trailer for six months to a year- it should be a new adventure to say the least. I am trying to stay positive and look at it as a new start for our new little family- but not gonna lie- I miss home, my family, friends and job..... I miss my bestie Linds- she is like my other half ( yes I love Cory too, but it's just not the same ) LOL While Cory is totally awesome and I love him to pieces- I now have no one to get ice cream with, jam out to AWESOME music with, and just to talk to about everything including girl stuff- it's just not the same!!! I'll be seeing her soon though- whether she is ready or not ;-) Hopefully it will all work out for the best. It is nice to be able to spend a lot more time with Tenley and be able to see Cory every night. It sort of makes me appreciate what it really means to be a stay at home mom and wife.... it certainly is no easy task!!! So hats off to all of you who do it all the time!!! Tenley is growing and learning like crazy. She is little miss independent and MUST do everything on her own- I swear "big girl" is her favorite thing to say (and hear). Pictures to come!!!