Monday, January 26, 2009

Just wishing one of my most Favorite girls a Very Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great one :-) Thanks for being such an awesome friend and co-worker!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Buncos Night!!!

Another late post... sorry people!!!! We had Buncos on Saturday night at Tim and Lindsays house and it was a BlasT!!! Thanks Tim and Lindsay for an AWesoMe night out!!! Can't wait til next month!!

All the Girls + Tim!!! He couldn't resist being in a picture with all of us!! And You gotta have the goofy pic :-)

Joe totally stole my camera and had to take a picture of his beautiful self!! No... this is not a goofy face people..... he looks like this all the time- just trust me!!! ;-)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So.... it's winter...... even at the Sand Dunes!!!. Cory and I went to the dunes with Mike and Heidi this weekend. We figured since it was so warm here that it had to be like ten degrees warmer out there. The snow that we do have on the mountain isn't enough for Cory to snowmobile, so he had to play with his other toys!!!

Mike and Cory

We had a lot of fun... but let me just tell you it was freezing cold!!! The sun wasn't even out, it had to hide behind the clouds all day.

Me and My Amazing Husband ;)

Sand Mountain

Heidi and I freezin our butts off!!!

So I came to the conclusion that even though I LOVE the Sand Dunes... it'll have to wait til it gets a bit warmer before we go out again. :-)

Monday, January 12, 2009

This weekend a bunch of girls from high school got together and had dinner at the Olive Garden. Thanks to Jax and Shae planning a girls day out!! It was so much fun to see everyone and catch up.

There were so many of us it was hard to get a good picture ;-)

Jax and Whitney

Thanks for the great evening girls, it was so much fun!! I will send pics ASAP, my hotmail acct isn't working at the moment..... but soon I promise!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

So Excited......

For My Honey To Come Home!!!

Cor has been gone all week, which is totally routine. But during the Holidays he was home a lot more, so this week has been super lonely :-( I can't wait to see him!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Another Day In The Life........

Well, as many of you know- or if you don't know- you do now... Cory my husband is a snowmobile fanatic. He goes every weekend, almost every day of the weekend... the only thing that stops him is if it's a total holy freakin blizzard!!! See, when Cor and I started dating he was more of the snowboarder type. He had snowmobiled when he was younger, but nothing too exciting. Well becoming part of my family soon changed that. My family are big snowmobilers, and we all just love it- except my mom she doesn't LOVE it. Anywhoo, Cory got hooked very quickly. He is pretty good at taking me with him, or at least asking. I just hate riding double on snowmobiles- just so you know it totally SUCKS. So most of the time, unless I can borrow a sled from my dad, I just get to stay home and find projects :-) ( Most of the time this isn't very hard because my house always needs something).

So while he was doing this.......

Getting ready to go up the Mountain!!

My sexy man on his bad a- sled!! I love him!!

Jordan is pretty much Cor's partner in crime-he got a new sled this year he is very SPOILED

So my project this Sunday while Cor was gone was hanging some things on my walls in my master bedroom and bath. The most SAD thing about this is that we have been living in our home for just over a year now and my decorations are still not all put up. I just have the hardest time deciding where to hang things in fear that I might find something SO much cuter and have to move stuff around- making more holes in the walls which I HATE doing.:-( So, I decided to hire a little help. See my awesome, amazing friend Lindsay is truly an interior decorator at heart- she just never went to school for it or anything like that. She just has a knack for it- sure wish it were me!!! But, I am so so lucky to have such a talented friend!! So, she came over. About two hours later- we did chat a little more than decorate but what can I say we never have any time to catch up- we did get everything I have for my bedroom hung up on the walls ( I still need a few things so if you have any ideas please feel free!!). Plus, we even hung a cute shelf and ladder in my bathroom. I even had the perfect thing to set on the shelf!! It is the CUTEST bear ever!! It's dipped in WAX and it smells so YUMMY!!! ( Thanks for the gift Aub, I love it!!)

I was doing this.......

This is my long awaited mirror and also the wall hanging Linds gave me for my birthday and I just love them both!!

You have no idea how much this adds to this room!

My bathroom decor.... yay I am seriously so excited.
This wall was the most difficult but everything turned out perfect :)

So all in all- the day was pretty productive. Thanks to my personal interior decorator :-)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Late New Years!!!

I have been meaning to do a post about New Years since my last post, but haven't had time or access to a computer... so here are some fun pics from our New Years Celebration!! We played Rock Band (more the guys played Rock Band), and other fun games. We also ate SO SO much!! It was a blast to see everyone and have a nice fun relaxing night!! Thanks everyone for coming over :-)

All the Girls from left to right- Janelle, Heidi, Kristy,Lindsay, Me, and Cheney!!
We were so excited about our new years attire, our husbands not so much- But Kayson loved them!!!

All the Girls Again!!

Linds, Me, and Heidi

My Cheney and Me

Morgan, Janelle, Lindsay, Kray, and Kristy in the kitchen visiting and eating- we had so much food!

Mike, Heidi, Cheney, Devan, and Jordan rockin out ;-)

Friday, January 2, 2009

So, here goes nothing!!!! I tried to start a blog a few months ago.... and was too busy with school.. work to try to get any pictures uploaded or even do any posts. So, here is my second attempt- hopefully it goes a little better otherwise my friends may kill me!!! I might really be horrible at this but I'll sure as heck try :-) So you may have to be very patient!