Saturday, March 5, 2011

Family Pictures

I haven't written a post forever, there is just so much to write about, and not enough time. Tenley is already 7 months old and I can't believe it. Time is just flying by. She is getting to be more and more fun every day, and I just love her little personality. She does have an attitude that I am a little nervous for, but she is the cutest little girl in the world :-) Cory is still working in a different place all the time, but is mostly in the Salt Lake Area. For that reason we have put our house up for sale. I have mixed feelings about selling it. I don't want to leave Sanpete County, with all of our family and friends, but at the same time, it would be nice to see Cory more and it would be a lot less of a commute for him. I guess we'll see, the market isn't the greatest for selling right now. Anyway life is great and I am loving it. Aubrey took our family pictures a few weeks ago, so I thought I'd share a few. Enjoy!!!