Friday, February 3, 2012


Funny thing boredom is... I just had knee surgery, and man is this laying around doing nothing business killing me.  So I have decided to babble yet again on my blog.  While I hope you enjoy reading, this blog is mostly for my family and I so that we can remember feelings, events and life.  So hopefully you don't find boredom while reading :-)  Not much is new in our lives.  We are still living in Cory's parents basement, and it is working out just fine.  Although I would MUCH rather be in our own place, we just aren't sure where our lives will be taking us right now.  Tenley is now 18 months old.   She had her well baby check just the other day, and she is healthy and smart.  She is getting such an attitude, and I can just feel those terrible two's coming on. 

We are selling our trailer that we bought to live in in Nevada.  So if anyone is interested, PLEASE let me know.  Also, I am considering selling my wedding dress and prom dress, any takers??  Ugh, seriously the things that cross my mind while laying around.....  Anyway, seems to be that even blogging is finding boredom. :-(