Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend

I have been really slow at posting about Easter this year, but we had so much fun!! We decided last minute to head out to the Sand Dunes, and it was really worth the trip. We had a lot of fun camping and riding our four wheelers!! The weather wasn't even bad, at least not as bad as I had expected. Friday and Sunday were both beautiful days... Saturday was overcast all day, and it did sprinkle a little Saturday night.. just enough to settle the dust :-) It was so much fun. I was mad at myself though because I didn't realize it until we were out there, but my camera battery was almost dead, so I didn't get many pictures and I am totally bummed out!!!

My Sister came out with us and spent the weekend, it was so awesome to have her, she's the best!!

These are pics of Cor jumping his 4-wheeler, he had a blast... and even managed to wreck the Raptor... :-(

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sand Hollow Trip- LOTS OF PICTURES

This past weekend we went to Sand Hollow with Cory's parents and two of his adorable nephews!! It was so much fun, and so awesome to get away for a weekend. We left Friday and intended to get down there about 1 in the afternoon, but we didn't end up getting there until about 5 that day!! We were running a little late to begin with, but then we made it all the way to Nephi and Cory realized that he forgot his air filters for the Banshee, so we had to drive all the way back to Mount Pleasant to get them, then all the way back to Nephi and then we were finally on our way!! FINALLY!!

Cor and I
So we got down there and the weather wasn't the greatest on Friday, so we just had dinner and hung out in the trailer to stay out of the rain. Saturday was an awesome day! The weather was perfect and we had so much fun. It really is such a fun place! I wish we had a boat so that we could enjoy everything down there, but it was still so fun! We went riding ALL day on Saturday! There are tons of Sand Dunes that we had fun riding, and then there are these huge rocks just everywhere that you can climb on! It was so much fun and I really want to go back down!! Hopefully we'll be able to make it again this year!!!
Cory's Dad and Treyson
Cory's Mom and Morgan

Treyson and Cor

I thought this bug was freakin awesome!! He had towed the Sand Buggy with his little bug and they were both awesome and the prettiest blue!!

Sand, Mountains, and Water- what more could you ask for!!

This was looking off of a huge ledge down onto the sand dunes and rocks- you can't really tell I'm that high up though...
Again from the ledge- just another direction!
I took this picture as we were leaving I just thought it was a pretty picture!
I am pretty sure these are Joshua Trees- but they were every random place you could think of!
This is Cory climbing one of the Sand Dunes!!
We had so much fun climbing all over the rocks- it was so cool! I wish it would have been warmer so we could get IN the water, but it was really cool because you could get out to where it was pretty deep just by walking on the rocks. Boats would actually dock by the rocks because the water was deep enough!!
Treyson and I
Cory called this one "Simba Rock" he wanted to walk out on it and hold Treyson out like Simba on the Lion King, but once he got on top of it he realized he couldn't walk out on it. It was only like 2 inches wide!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Okay, sorry to everyone who has tagged me... I know I haven't kept up!! But here goes.. this was a hard one...
10 HONEST, and INTERESTING things about myself.....

1- I HATE Tomatoes!! Yes, HATE!! I seriously don't know how anyone can eat them- they disgust me!!

2- I am usually home all week by myself because of Cory's work... I get bored so I work three jobs to keep myself almost too busy!! ( Yes, we need a baby! )

3- I cannot, CANNOT just sit and relax or watch T.V.- I always feel like I have to be moving or doing something- maybe there is something wrong with me who knows!!

4- I have found a newfound interest and love in the gospel! Growing up I wasn't sure this would ever happen, but it has and now I just can't get enough!!!

5- I am a VERY sociable person! I love spending time with family and friends!

6- I am very accident prone!! Seriously though- Clutz might be a better description!!

7-I really wish that I could quit working and just tag along with Cory wherever he is working, I miss him so much all week it drives me crazy!!

8- I don't miss High School much at all, but I miss all the sports I used to play!! Really MISS them, like if I had the opportunity to play Softball, Soccer, or Basketball ( competetive ) I would probably drop everything in a second!!

9- I really want to have a baby- I just am not sure when that is going to happen- not yet but hopefully sometime in my five-year future!!

10- I have the best family and friends in the world! They are so amazing and life would be so utterly boring without them all!!

**** I Tag whomever hasn't already been tagged with this one--- it seems everyone already has-- but if you haven't-- YES- This One Is For YOU!!!******