Sunday, March 29, 2009

Old and New News!!

So, I did find my camera, which means I need to update everyone on the pics that I did have and now do have...

I went on a shopping trip with my amazing mom last weekend and we had so much fun!! She is the most AwESomE person in the whole world, and I couldn't ask for a better mom or friend!! We had a blast shopping our butts off. This however would be the night I lost/ misplaced my camera, so I didn't get a chance to post about it until now...

Also......We had our monthly buncos night last night, and it was so much fun!! Plus, my honey came home with the motherload- whoo hoo!!! Afterwards, we went to Tim and Lindsay's to play Mario Kart - BEST GAME EVER!!!! It was really fun and we all just kinda hung out and relaxed, plus I got to play with two cute boys!!! Easton and Kray!!!
Easton was bein a goofball!!! He is so dang cute!!! Linds, Aub, Easton, and Joe(he's too into the game to pause for a picture though)
Me and Kray!!! isn't he handsome?!! I just love him!!

Here are all the boys!!! They are all busy playing Mario Kart, and Easton was hoarding the popcorn all to himself!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


WHOO HOO!!! I FOUND MY CAMERA!! So, after a full two days of searching everywhere that I thought possible... I mean everywhere... I found my blasted camera. I cleaned my house all day yesterday, but didn't move my kitchen table because I deep cleaned the kitchen on Saturday so it wasn't due... anyway I swear I looked all over in the kitchen for my dang camera and it was no where to be found for two whole days!!
When I got home from my parents house last night (after I posted about losing my camera) I was talking to Mal on the phone, telling her all about my camera crisis... when I randomly decided to teeter a chair back... Now let me just say, I looked ALL OVER in the kitchen. I never pulled the chairs out from under the table, but I did put my head under the table to see if the camera was sitting on any of the chair seats... I swear it wasn't there!!! Well anyway, I teeter the chair back and right there in plain sight is my RED camera case!!! (Yes it's Red, it doesn't exactly blend in with anything....)

I am so excited I can hardly stand it!!! I thought I had lost all of my past pictures, and that I wouldn't be able to take any new ones for awhile... WOOT WOOT, I found it!!! Thank Goodness!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bummed Out

So, I am totally bummed out because I LOST MY CAMERA!!!! It took me forever to start a blog because my excuse was that I didn't have a camera to post fun pictures... then I was so excited to get one for Christmas!!!

I now cannot find it anywhere!!!

I refuse to say that it will never be found.. but I went shopping with my Mom on Saturday, I had it there and never took it out of the car, then took everything, including my camera out of her car when we got home, and now I have simply... hopefully misplaced it. Until then though, I have been in a completely bummed out mood and I super depressed about it!!! AHHHHH I just want to cry!!! So, everyone pray, wish, do whatever it is you can to make my camera turn up... it would be greatly appreciated....

Friday, March 13, 2009

Tagged- The Letter B

Thanks for the tag Aub... oh how I love the letter B!!! So here are 10 of my favorite things that start with the letter B in no particular order!!

1- Baseball
4- Boys (mostly my one and only)
6-Besties (yes another word for Best Friends)
8-Bubble Gum
9-Bras (this is a love/hate relationship)

So there you are... I tag Cathie with the letter "P", Kailee with the letter "S", Annalee with the letter "L",

Monday, March 9, 2009

Junior Prom

As many of you know, this weekend was Junior Prom!!! My little bro, Kaden, is a junior this year, so on Friday night we went to the prom and got to watch him escort a beautiful girl and do the whole dance thing. I think that our Junior Prom is a great tradition. It was so crazy to have my little brother in it... I seriously can't believe he's already a Junior in High School, it makes me feel way too old. He looked so handsome, and his dates- both nights- were gorgeous. Unfortunately, I only got a picture of him with Khari- his date from Friday night. His Gorgeous Date Khari!
These pictures are of the actual promenade... as you can see he wasn't too enthused!!

We FINALLY got a smile!!
Kaden, Nicole And IMy Mom, Kaden, and Dad
Cory and I ( he was super excited to go to prom)as you can tell!!
My cute Grandma and Kaden dancing!! I had to put his in for the picture of my Dad in the background.... he's a goofball!!