Thursday, February 19, 2009

So Sick Of....

I'm sick yet again!!! I swear I get this annoying cold, keep it for about two weeks, it goes away for what seems like only two minutes, and then out of no where it's back again..... ugh.... I am totally completely sick of it. It just makes keeping up with everything in life extremely difficult, which is not something that me or anyone enjoys. I lose all motivation to do anything!!! I just don't know what my deal is.... If anyone knows any miraculous cold remedies please do share!! Because vitamins and tons of water just isn't working for me for some odd and annoying reason..... hate to complain... but I just had to do it!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009


So, In the Spirit of Valentines Day, I just wanted to do a post about my amazing wonderful husband.

Yup, this is him, isn't he sexy?!!I didn't have any great pics of just him, so this will just have to do. He thinks he's a badass cookin dinner I guess!! :-)

My hubby is the greatest... sorry girls I don't know if anyone can top him!! (I am obviously bias). Cory is such an amazing man. He is fun, outgoing, loving, supportive, HaRD WorKiNG, so freakin hilarious, loyal, amazingly good looking, the list goes on and on. I love him so much for the man that he is and the wonderful husband that he is to me. He is my best friend and I don't know what I would do without him. He works so hard for us to have a great life, and it doesn't come easily with him having to be out of town to work, but we make it through. :-) Thanks baby for being so amazing!! I love you with all of my heart and look forward to eternity with you! Happy Valentines Day Honey!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Church Ball and Such......

So, I recently went to one of my little bro's church ball games... Let me just say, I have never been to a Church Ball game and man was it intense!!! It was the regional semi-finals, so I'm sure it was more intense than usual, but from what I hear, people get pretty into it!!! It was a lot of fun to watch my little bro play, he did awesome. Needless to say they still lost, but is was worth it to go!! Love Ya Kaden!!

The pics of him playing aren't very high quality because he just wouldn't hold still!!

Just us being goofs... we are especially good at this :-)

He is so much taller than me, I seriously can't believe it!!


I seriously miss my baby :-( This is us going snowmobiling last week, but he just looks so darn cute :-) I love him soooo so much!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Viewer Discrestion Advised

Fair warning... the following might be considered semi-inappropriate for some.....

This last Saturday night, Lacee Kogaines had a "sex party" at her house. I went with my good friend Lindsay!! It was such a fun night. To start it off... I wasn't going to go at first, so I was about a half an hour late, and the last one to arrive. Oh, I must mention that at this particular type of "sex party" they sell Stripper Poles to put in your house..... yes!!! Real live stripper poles, they are actually pretty cool. They just bolt into one of the studs in your ceiling and voila!! You've got yourself your very own Stripper Pole!!! ( They do come out and re-install easily, so no, you unfortunately don't have to leave them up when expecting company- could you imagine that conversation piece!!)
Okay.. So the story goes... I arrived late, walked in the front door and of course they have a stripper pole set up :-) So, as soon as I walk into the room they are all taunting me saying that since I was late and the last one to arrive I get to be the first to dance on the Stripper Pole!!! (They either thought I was really gullable, or that I just flat out would refuse to do it) So, me being the AweSOmE, outgoing person that I like to be- just willingly grasp the stripper pole with my right hand.... proceed to wrap my left leg around it in a stripper-like fashion ;) Then, I proceed to try to swing around the pole..... anyone want to take a stab at what happened next??? Oh yes, I did, I so totally did!! The pole was not even close to bolted into the ceiling!! (Duh, I shoulda thought of that) So, needless to say, both the pole and I went crashing to the floor!! Not carpet mind you, hardwood floor!! It was the most amazing stripper dance I'm sure any of the spectators had ever seen :-) The poor hostess didn't know what to grab for when I was crashing.... don't worry though, she caught the pole and it was safe and sound!!
So, the remainder of the night was such a blast, and I had so much fun. Lindsay and I were trying everything possible, and having such a good time.... we got little wieners and little pairs of boobies to put on our pens as little toppers- yeah they were interesting and fun!! I won some game- can't remember which game- and so I got to be some kind of princess with a crown and whip thingy---- (Explaining the picture below)

So thanks Lacee for a great time, it was nice to get out with the girls!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

State Drill

So, I totally forgot to post about State Drill this weekend.... I used to go to State Drill every year in high school because my friend Ashley was always dancing, it is so much fun to go and watch all of the drill teams from all over the state perform, especially North Sanpete- let me just say, they did AmaZiNg!!! There were a lot of awesome teams there this year, with even better routines!! Anyway, so this year, my same Ashley friend is coaching and so I went for support :-) Not to mention I love watching the routines!!! Ash is an awesome friend and I love her so so much, it's the least I could do!!She coreographed their routines as well, so it was awesome to see what a great job she did!! Don't know what I'd do without that girl :-)

Kristy, Me, and Kason eating his dippin dots :)
Ash and I were having so much fun with Kason!!! He was cheesin it but we could never get it on camera!!!

Cheney and my cousin Jamie ( they both coach)

Here we are with Kason again, he is so dang cute!!

Finally.... we caught the cheese on camera!!! It was so dang funny. I was suprised how good Kason did all day, but he actually had fun.. I think. His mom and I were yelling for North Sanpete when they performed. All of a sudden, he turns to Kristy (his mom) and says "Mom, don't ever do that again!!!" It was so hilarious. He is the FuNnIEst kid ever.