Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I know that I haven't posted any pictures in my posts as of late, but I just really haven't taken the time to upload any recent ones.  Sorry to those of you who look forward to that.  However, as I have mentioned before, I enjoy using this blog as a sort of journal, and that is the purpose that this post is going to serve- so feel free to skip if you would like. :-)
There has been so much going on lately, not necessarily in my individual life, just around me it feels like.  I have had some pretty intense, profound feelings in the past couple of months.  What I am beginning to recognize is that these feelings as are maybe more of promptings.  I feel like a crazy person sometimes even thinking that, but I seriously cannot fight it back.  A few of these promptings I have not acted upon, and end up wishing I had- and the reasons for which I should have are clear as day!!  I don't feel like I need to or should mention who or what these promptings involve- for one, there are just too many and for another- I feel like it is pretty personal. 
I also feel very grateful and blessed to be experiencing this.  Heck- it could very easily be all in my own head, and while sometimes I feel like it is, I also have a hard time believing that.  I dunno- just wanted to get it out.