Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wow, I haven't posted forever!! We got blogger taken away at work, and I unfortunately do not have a computer at home!! Cory and I haven't been up to much at all, just working and working. Cory is working in Salt Lake now, so he is closer to home, and the best part is- he is home every night!!! It is so much fun, almost like we are newlyweds again or something. We spoke in our ward a few weeks ago, about our experience in getting ready to go to the temple, and the process that it was... It was very humbling and also nerve racking. As if that wasn't nerve-racking enough. We now get the opportunity to go to the prison in Gunnison and speak there this Sunday. Also, we are speaking in the adult session of Stake Conference!! AHHHH!! I'm so nervous, and I really don't know why. I think that the prison will be such a humbling experience, and I am actually pretty excited, but the nerves keep taking the excitement over!!! So everyone pray for us!!!

As you all know, snowmobile season is coming up, which means that I pretty much lose a husband from the first good snowfall to about march- this really is a long time. It hasn't even snowed yet, but that is all that he talks about- this is why we don't have children yet- I am already raising one!!! Anyway, I love him and this is something that he truly enjoys doing so I just smile and say yes!!

I hope that everyone is doing great, it is still so much fun to keep up with everyone!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Families Are Forever

On Saturday August 29th, 2009. Cory and I finally made it to the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity. It was such an amazing experience, and I am so grateful for the journey that we had to take to get here, and for the blessing that it is in our lives. It is awesome to me that we will truly be together forever. I can think of nothing I would want more. What a wonderful day!!

Thanks to everyone for supporting us, you are all awesome. And Aub thanks for the pictures, I love them!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sand Dunes :p

This last weekend we went to the sand dunes for a quick trip. It was so so much fun!! I absolutely love the sand dunes and I am so excited that it is the season again. It was still a little hot, but it was worth it.

We unloaded the four wheelers and were riding for about 30 seconds when Cory's paddle tire went completely flat. We have had issues with his paddles ever since we got them. It was such a bummer, but at least we had an extra wheeler this time.

That night was so much fun. Not one person who came out in our group remembered that we'd need firewood that night. So Cory, Me, Jordan, Shawn, and Charlie all decided to go baja-ing out in the nearby sagebrush and find some firewood. It was a lot of fun, but I must say a little dangerous. We were going way off road. Well, Jordan fell right out of the side of the truck!!! It was so funny, but I don't know how funny he thought it was. Then we kept driving and found an entire tree that was completely dead, but still standing in the ground. Well Cory and Jordan thought that it would be THE BEST firewood. ( At this moment, along with the moment when Jordan fell out of the truck, I was kicking myself in the butt for not taking my camera along!!)
So, they decided the best way to knock the tree down was to ram the truck hitch into the tree- since "it was so dead, it should knock right over". So that's exactly what we did. Now take into consideration. Cory, Jordan, and myself were in the back of the truck standing against the cab. Well, running the truck into the tree just wasn't cutting it. So, Cory and Jordan proceeded to climb on the tree and start pulling. In their favor, they were actually making some progress. Well, the side that Jordan was pulling was just so dead that it decided to give completely down and Jordan went down with it. He fell about ten to fifteen feet to the ground. Again, we are all hysterical, it was seriously funny! It actually knocked Jordan out for a few seconds, and his back was killing him, but he turned out alright. :P It was quite the firewood expedition!!!
When we returned to camp they decided to build a teepee shaped firepit. This is Jordan dumping gas on the wood.
This is the resulting fire- it was really quite big. We had so much fun- can't wait til next trip!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Honey

Happy Birthday To You!!
Just want to wish my amazing husband a very happy birthday!! It's weird to me that he's now 23, but he says it's not to him. Crazy how time flies!!

Cory and I with our nephew, Dalton.

Cory with Treyson and Dalton
Cory and his dad trying to figure out the new part for his Raptor.
The pictures below are of Dalton. We had Strawberry Shortcake for his birthday- so so good. Well Dalton loved it, but didn't think that he needed to use his fork. He just dug right in! It was hilarious and he was a total mess. We thought it was so cute, even though I'm sure his mom didn't appreciate it ;-)

Monday, June 29, 2009


Thanks for the tag Sky... this was a hard one for me!
Eight Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1- Going to the Temple
2- Seeing Cory Tonight
3- Sleep
4- Seeing Cory Tonight
5- Sleep
6- Getting My Nails redone
7- The Fourth Of July
8- The Derby

Eight Things I Did This Weekend:
1- Went Up The Mountain
2- Mowed The Lawn
3-Cleaned My House
4- Weeded Flower Beds
5- Went to dinner with mom and dad
6- Played games with Shandi and Garrett
7- Went to Lagoon
8- Ate at Texas Roadhouse

Eight Things I Wish I Could Do:
1- Run A Marathon
2- Sleep
3- Take A Vacation
4- Sew
5- Be Out Of Debt
6- Go with Cory when he goes out of town for work
7- Have the summers off!
8- Go Outside

Eight Shows That I Watch:
1- One Tree Hill
2- Grey's Anatomy
3- Private Practice
4- The Office
5- That's about it, I don't watch a lot of T.V.

Eight Places I'd Like To Travel:
1- Germany
2- Italy
3- Switzerland
4- Jamaica
5- France
6- Paris
7- England
8- Australia

Eight People I Tag:
1- Aub
2- Linds
3- Cathie
4- Chalein
5- Shay
6- Chanda
7- Annalee
8- Kali

Monday, June 22, 2009

Rare Phenomenon!!!

This weekend was quite a fun-filled weekend. We had so much fun hanging out with friends and family. On Saturday afternoon we went to the off-road show. It was a lot of fun to watch the BMX riders and also the motorcross riders. They were really awesome. I was so excited because I actually remembered my camera... so, I go to take a few pics, and of course it was dead. So I'm really bummed out!!

Later on, we were really bored and so we decided to go the movie The Proposal!! It was a great movie, I would definitely see it again. It was a little bit of chick flick, but Cory actually enjoyed it too! It was funny. Sandra Bullock is great, I just love her!!

On Sunday, we met with both sides of the family!! It was a really nice day with family. A really rare phenomenon occurred... CORY PLAYED SOFTBALL!!! Yes, my husband who has never, EVER played before, and actually kinda despises the sport... he played softball with us. He was actually really good, especially for never playing. It was a lot of fun.

Like I said, I am totally bummed that my battery was dead on my camera, but I did manage to charge it long enough to get a few pics of Sunday.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fun Weekend Camping

This last weekend we all decided to go camping for the weekend up Gooseberry in Fairview Canyon. It was so much fun. It was quiet, relaxing, and so much fun. We sat around the fire on Friday night until about 2:30 a.m. which is probably the latest I have stayed up in almost a year, it was crazy!! We made smores and just visited with everyone, it was a great time. I hope we do it again soon.

All the guys played horseshoes... my honey needs a little more practice :-)
Easton and I going for a four wheeler ride
Easton and His Trains!!
Aub and I
My Husband And I- he hates taking pictures.
Camping was so much fun, I love summer for camping, and everything else about summer. Soon we are going to have a girls only camping trip and I am so excited... even though the guys think that it is an impossible feat... we are gonna do it!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

So this past weekend was pretty eventful.... We celebrated Lacey Kogaines' bachelorette party, which was a total blast. Lindsay planned some really fun games, ( they involved cucumbers, bananas, and a few other things), I got some pictures, but decided not to post them.... ;-) We had so much fun visiting, and most of all dancing and karaoke-ing. It was a really fun girls night!!

The Bachelorette herself :-)

Linds and Rak

My sister and I ( she was supposed to be dancing )

Easton really did have so much fun, he was dancing right along with us, but I think he was pooped!!!

Aubs and I

My Sista- Love Her

Linds and Rak.... saluting the flag !!!

Yeah Rak is a crazy girl:-)

On Sunday, my dad got tickets for all of us to go to the Salt Lake Bees game. It was so much fun to go the game and spend the day with my family!!! We had great seats and were shaded the entire game which was so nice. Thanks Dad, we all had a blast!!
After the game we went and ate yummy food at the Olive Garden. It was really yummy!! We learned this funky way to fold napkins that sorta makes the napkins look like a pair of ya-ya's. We learned it in California with my dad's birth mother Annelyse... so now, everywhere we go one of us is bound to fold our napkin into this shape... well my little brother did it and put it on the other brothers head... it was great :-)

Friday, May 29, 2009


Thanks for the tag Chalein!!
How well do you know your honey???

1- He's sittin in front of the T.V. - What's on the screen??
The Office- his all-time favorite!

2- You're out to eat, what kind of dressing does he get on his salad?
Ranch- he hates everything else

3- What's one food he doesn't like?

4- You go out to eat and have a drink??
Wild Cherry Pepsi

5- Where did he go to high school?
Good ole North Sanpete Class of 2004

6- What size shoe does he wear?

7- If he could go to any one sporting event, what would it be?

8- What is his favorite type of sandwich?

9- What would he eat everyday if he could?
Mcdonalds!! It's gonna kill him one day

10- What is his favorite cereal?

11- What would he never wear?

12- What is his favorite sports team?
Spurs- basketball

13- Who did he vote for?
He didn't vote, but he's mad at me for voting for our current president :-)

14- Who is his best friend?
ME :-)

15- What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn't do?
Work so much

16- What is his heritage?
Good question

17- You bake him a cake for his birthday, what kind is it?
Strawberry Shortcake- the only kind he'll eat

18- Did he play sports in high school?
Football for one year.... unless partying is considered a sport.....

19- What could he spend hours doing?
Cleaning his fourwheeler, riding his wheeler... pretty much anything with his wheeler

20- What is one unique talent?
He can make me smile no matter what is going on. He has an amazing sense of humor.

LOVE HIM!!! :-)

I tag everyone on my blog list, have fun ladies!!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yes, everyone who has been after me, I am finally posting!!! I'm so sorry, life has been crazy busy!! So brace yourselves, there are sorta a lot of pictures and stories :-)

Linds beat me to this post, but it was such a fun night I just can't not post about it. We had planned a night on the mountain, but the weather being the lovely weather that it was, we had to improvise. We had a camp-out under The Beesley's garage. We did leave Tim and Cory in charge of the dutch oven... kinda scary I know!!! I think that they got more visiting and talking done than anything :-) The dutch oven was so YuMmY!! Afterwards we rented Seven Pounds and watched it on their new BIG SCREEN in their awesome new basement. The movie was awesome, it had a really good message to it but it was really sad as well... Thanks Tim and Linds for an awesome night out, we need to do it more often!!!
Cory and Tim spent about twenty minutes tryin to figure out the surround sound and dvd player, Linds and I were just getting a kick out of watching them. They would both think they had it figured out, and then... OoPs wrong button or cord. They make quite the pair. Cory actually gave up on getting it to work, but Tim perservered and we watched the movie with great sound :-) Tim and Kray :-)
Cory and Tim, being the amazing chefs they were born to be :-) On Memorial Day, we had a family breakfast cookout with Cory's family. It was so much fun and the food was delicious!! Hopefully they make this a tradition. His family is so cute and fun I just love them!!
We had fun making paper airplanes and the kids were going crazy with them.
Dalton doin what he does best :-)
Treyson sat here watching Cory all morning, he was just fascinated....
..... Or maybe he just knew that eventually he'd get a ride!!
Treyson and I- such a cute little guy :-)

Later on that day I stopped by the veterans memorial in Mount Pleasant to see my grandpa. They had been doing all of the memorial services for the day and this was their last stop. It was really awesome to see all of these men who have served our country stand together and salute our flag. I am so grateful for the sacrifices that they made, and for the sacrifices that are continually being made by millions of soldiers today.
My grandpa is second from the right ( next to the guy with the trumpet ). He served in Vietnam. I wish I knew more, but he doesn't talk about it- AT ALL!! So i just respect that. He is such a great man and I love him dearly. He looked so handsome all dressed up too!!!