Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I am undecided on the decision to go private with my blog!!!  I had made the decision to do so- obvious in the previous post- but now I just cannot decide.  I have a lot of family members who do not have blogger accounts, thus making viewing what our little family is up to sort of difficult for them.... ugh, just cannot decide!!  Thanks to those of you who have given me your emails- if I do go private I will surely add you, but as of now, I am still on the fence!! 

That said, the Christmas season has been a lot different for me this year.  I am very VERY used to christmas tree hunting, christmas decorating, SNOW, being around family, and believe it or not, just the way that the community at home feels during Christmastime.  It just has this special feeling about it!!  Did I mention SNOW??  I really am missing the SNOW SNOW SNOW!!! 
However, it has helped me to focus more on what Christmas is really about.  I have actually read a lot of articles out of the Ensign about Christ's birth, and also his life.  It has really helped me to be very grateful for Him,  His Life, and the huge sacrifice he made for us- The Atonement.  I have always known that we celebrate Christmas symbolically for Christ, but I was easily caught up in the commercial aspect of Christmas rather than the true meaning!!  Anyway, just a little food for thought!

The people of Alamo are so very nice, and have been so welcoming.  I am starting to adjust and get used to life in a trailer, and also not knowing people.  Still miss home very very much, but life is really great for the most part.  Tenley is growing up so quickly and I feel like it is just flying by.  She lights up when Cory comes home from work, and Cory does the same- highlight of my day!! 

Hope you are all having a great Christmas season!!! 


Emilee said...

Don't do it Lacey! I rarely look at private blogs simply because I just forget to do it. I usually only have a few minutes to check my friends blogs. I usually only look at the ones that are newly updated. Just something to think about. I may be the only one that is that way:) So good luck deciding and do what is best for you:) By the way your daughter is darling!

Bryce and Brittany said...

Hey lady, so I lost your number! I text Mal to get it again from her, but she didn't text me back. So... Bryce is going to be in the great ol' town of Alamo the first of next month. Then we will come and visit him. It might be a week or so after he is there, this last trip was a little traumatic, to say the least ;)

Anyways, I am praying for snow everyday. I miss it, I am a winter gal. Well hope you guys are doing well and your little girl is so cute!